Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Moment to Cherish!!!

I look at myself in the mirror. A nervous yet excited me is smiling back. I am feeling like a kid going to write an exam or actually a kid waiting for exam results. I hear my mother calling me. I turn back and I see smiling faces around me. Everyone is saying something. I smile and nod my head. I start walking slowly towards the door. My sister and cousin come and hold my hand. I am feeling dizzy. Different kinds of noise - music, laughter, chatting keep coming and going in my ears. I am following the path led by my aunt.

I see him. He is smiling, rather beaming widely. I walk towards him but I feel like it’s still a long way to go. I keep walking and finally I feel him near me. I sit next to him and feel very special and also lost. . I feel like I am out of this world. I am feeling like the god’s light is bestowed on me. I am feeling too many things and then I am feeling nothing. I close my eyes and slowly it dawns to me - I realize where I am. This is the moment to cherish for ever! I open my eyes and I see him smiling and the whispering in my ears - I Love You.

It’s my wedding!!!

This post has been written in present tense. In internal blog(my company), present tense fever posts are catching attempt to write one.

P.S - I got inspired after attending 2-3 weddings recently. Mebntioning that this is a work of fiction as many friends in internal blog thought it was true and started congratulating me :P


Rajlakshmi said...

lovely... smile infested post :d now even i am smiling :P

Anonymous said...

maassttt.... :D