Monday, January 12, 2015


That’s it! We were excited and shouting as we all entered the train.
Head count was done to realize that all of us were here except Dan. Picking up the phone and dialing his number,
Me – “Hey, where are you?”
Dan – “Am in station only. Which platform?”
Me – “Platform 10. Come soon. Train will leave in 5mins”
Dan – “Ya ya almost there.. hmm hey wait.”
Me – “What?”
Dan – “There is no train in platform 10″
Me – “huh, we are in platform 10 and got into the compartment.”
Dan – “but there is no train here.”
Me – “Where are you exactly.we have only 5 mins.”
Dan – “Am in platform 10 at egmore station”
Me – “What?! why are you at egmore. its Central station”
Dan – “No its Egmore only. I only booked tickets right!”
Me – “Dan, don’t tease now. Just come and get in the train”
Dan – “Am serious am at egmore”
Me- “Its Central station and train is leaving in 5mins. Come fast”
Dan – “Ok fine. Ask some one to come to entrance of platform.I forgot to wear lens!”
Me – “aah ok.. you first come to central and call”
Tensed I kept the phone down when others looked at me and I explained.
Anu – “See am so better. Its ok we are on time no. Lets hope train starts late or else Dan will miss the trip, idiot!”
Me – “But tickets are with him only! He went and booked the bulk tickets!!!”
Everyone looked perplexed!
P.S – Dan did make on time just like DDLJ/Jab We Met scene but only person missing was a girlfriend for him ;) .

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