Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bangalore Diaries - Part 1!

  • The way the private transport works here in Bangalore is so different. It’s going to take lots of time for me to understand it. In Chennai we used to have specific numbers for each route and we had to take that one bus only in the morning and evening. In Bangalore even though you are tagged to one bus route, it seems with that bus pass you can take any of the office buses and if you get the extra bus pass id, you can use in the normal bmtc Volvo buses also which is super cool! But this has a flip side. For some one new and getting in the bus from one of the crowded bus stops, it’s very tough to stop any one of those office buses and since daily you end up taking a different number thanks to the Bangalore traffic which ensures bus don’t come on the designated time, you can’t even befriend the drivers to ensure they wait in the bus stop!
  • If office bus pass is one story, the 2 days that I have been waiting for the bus, I have seen a very interesting trend. The place where I wait for the bus, I find lots of other people waiting and there are so many of these private shuttles and cabs which keep stopping. They have something written in kannada and some indication and the folks waiting ask for some stop and based on the response get into it. Am yet to figure out what kind of transport they are and when you have so many bmtc buses connected from the same stop why would people wait for these cabs and keep asking and getting in!
  • Chivalry is still not lost overall. Couple of weeks back, I started taking the office bus which is common bus for many companies in the office campus. Yesterday after I got into the bus (first time boarding the office bus), one of the guys got up so I took the seat and after I sat down I realized that he was not getting down (obviously since its same last stop! K) and he got up to give me the seat! Next day, I was more aware of the surroundings, when I got in as usual the bus was full. After some 5mins, I almost lost the balance thanks to the sudden brake. One of the guys after that offered his seat but then this time I refused knowing that all of them were travelling from such far distance and for me it was 20 mins distance only which I can afford to stand!

  • For someone who has lived 1st in dry heat weather where the 4 weather seasons were properly differentiated (summer, rainy , spring and winter) and then in Chennai where there are only 3 seasons ( hot, hotter and hottest) ; Bangalore weather though nice on the outset seems very ridiculous. Morning as you wake up cool breeze is there and by the time one starts for office, it’s quite warm and afternoon hot. By evening one day it’s still warm and the other day it’s raining like hell. Totally unpredictable weather. Now I understand when couple of people had told me they could not adjust to Bangalore weather. I just hope it’s not the same case for me!


Rajlakshmi said...

ahh welcome to Bangalore buses :D actually get used to the route,,, the driver will start waiting for you. Remember I used to chase the bus , with biker in tow :P Enjoy your stay and eat lots at Taco Bell :D Meri tariff se

SG said...

We stayed in Chennai for 6 months last year. There are 3 seasons (as you have mentioned). But they are Hot, Hottest, and Murder.