Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bangalore Diaries - Part 2!

  • Being a known as blogger in the company has its own perks. One of the evenings when I was just getting into the bus I heard my name being called! Being in the new place, when someone calls you and asks about you it feels so good. It was another fellow blogger who called me while I was inside the office bus recognizing me. For a second I was wondering who he was till he introduced himself and asked about me. It felt so good! :)

  • Networking and getting to know people always help. My transition to Bangalore office, did not pose any concern because when I entered the office, I figured I knew 70% of the folks already – either I had interacted with them for work at some point of time or met them when they came to Chennai. And there is a group here who just took me in when they go for breaks and lunch and also helped me with everything that one person should know in the location to be comfortable with!

  • I read a very interesting article recently about the people whom we feel comfortable to work with and how they are hired - So what kind of folks would you prefer to work with? This reminds me of the “groupism” that we feel in the work place – people from same state or talking same language end up going together always etc. So would that help in work also? The thin line of personal and professional life just gets lost here!

  • Remember all those movies and serials where the cops flashed their badges in style to tell they are cops and it looked super cool and we would just be envious of them! Well thanks to the 3 ID/pass that I need to carry for bus journey – Volvo bus pass/office pass and bmtc id pass, I bought the cover to keep these passes. So when the bus conductor today asked – ‘tickets’, all I had to do was stylishly open the card cover and show it to him feeling all “cop kind” from those movies! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D

  • One of the good things here is the radio as 3 channels play hindi songs :D though at times a repeat or really boring songs but still fact that I can listen to radio now makes me feel good!! I just have to figure which shows are good now!
P.S - Am posting this blog listening to radio songs only! :)

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