Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ghost in the Pipes! or House!

As the princess (she is called this by her friends but I have always seen her dress unlike-princess!)sat in front of laptop, I peeped from behind and saw her google for shrieking shower and found the answer as "faulty faucets". Bless these new technologies and the technical terms it keeps throwing! Soon the Biker(I have always seen him with camera and not bike!) came and they laughed over the shower incident and slept off.

I wondered how long these 2 new folks will stick on here. This was my place and all the previous folks who stayed had left this house thinking it was some kind of bad omen but then they never realized that it was because of me!

The next day again, princess got scared of the shower for a second and then reminding biker to get a plumber to fix it, both of them left. With the whole house to myself, I started snooping around.

They had not unpacked everything but the 1st things I saw outside were some kind of strips of colorful papers and glues etc even before all her clothes! And there was something called x-box next to tv and camera! What a weird couple!

I love each time someone new come and live in this house. I have been around for more than 200 years and seen this house grow from a small ranch cottage to an uptown house! After playing around for sometime, once I get bored I make them leave! I have realized that the only way to get people to leave the house was to get the family members fight among each other and they will believe all this stupid superstitions of the house bringing all the bad luck and they leave!

But this is the 1st time, I am seeing such a crazy family - couple.

As these 2 are spending their time decorating the house, am trying to figure out the language they talk and especially the expressions of the princess. Every woman has such various expressions but this girl - for everything, she has same expression!

Only couple of days ago, they came back with a few friends. All were happy but sad. Biker got a job! And she says - I hate you! And that too with the same expression!

Its almost 1 month since they have shifted and I am amazed/amused by these 2! Life is never going to be dull!

I see this princess typing in this laptop daily while she is watching something else, and also cooking and also trying to read a book!

I think I might let these 2 stay here for a while and shall update you all soon! ;)


SG said...

Fine narration. Waiting for the update.

Rajlakshmi said...

Hahahahaha sound I made biker read it too. Yeah we sure are a strange couple. This was such a fun read. Absolutely loved it... Thank you :)

Sreeram Shenoy said...

Lol...tell the spirit to take care of her if she doesn't take care of the backyard.