Monday, July 18, 2016

1st Heartbreak!

Neetu sat patiently waiting for him to come. She looked around but could not see him.
She hoped he will come before his parents came home. This was her little secret that she cherished. She knew that her parents would never approve of this. She didn’t want to get caught when these moments gave her the happiness she has been yearning for.
It was not that her parents were bad, it was just that they were strict and wanted her to study and be the “good girl”. She had always wanted them to approve of what she does but they were too busy to notice this. Being a single child, she felt bored at home doing everything herself. All her friends lived quite far and she was not allowed to go alone to meet them. The one time she had thrown tantrum to go to her friend’s place, her mother had made her sit in the dining table and tried to explain the “safety” reasons of not allowing her to go alone. But it didn’t help her mood and only made her angrier.
She still remembered the day she met him. It was a lazy afternoon and she was bored. In no mood to study, she went out in the backside near the gate to sit and enjoy the slight breeze. The gate was always locked. She sensed someone staring at her. She got scared and was about to go back to the house when she saw his eyes.
Those dark brown eyes were staring at her. She stood frozen in her place as she saw him and knew she was in love with him.
Soon they started meeting every day at the same time. She started looking forward to each day with fresh energy. She realized what love can do to your life. She tried to hide her enthusiasm behind her day to day mundane tasks so that no one suspected.
After almost 6 months after the 1st meet, today he didn’t come yet. He was always on time. It was cloudy and seemed like it might rain any time. She kept waiting and waiting and then headed back inside wondering what happened.
She waited the next day but he didn’t come. Soon a week passed and finally she could not bear it and broke down. When her mother came back home, she found Neetu crying.
She tried to cajole her and tell her, but Neetu just could not stop crying and didn’t say a word.
She kept looking outside waiting for her prince to come and call her out – meow.


Rohini Varun said...

That's heartbreaking for sure. Such a cute, earnest story soundu. Loved the meowy twist :)))

Ranjeww will love this. B-)

Kally said...

Hehe...! Nice :)

SG said...

I loved this because of my whole profiling the story was shattered by the last word.

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Uffff ! I loved it . Hilarious post