Sunday, March 7, 2010

Karthik Calling Karthik

Well 12 hours power shutdown forced me and 3 of my friends to hang out somewhere and we decided to go for a movie.

I went to watch the movie with 0% expectation!

1st the cast – Farhaan Akhtar is turning out to be a good actor. One of my friends said – Directors are first Actors.Well this guy proves it! Deepika Padukone simply doesn’t know acting. I was seriously wondering what she was doing there!! The rest of the cast to be frank had very small roles and nothing very different.

The movie was fully Farhaan Akhtar only. Be it a shy, straight forward and scared person or the suddenly transformed cool, confident and outgoing guy, Farhaan carried the character very well. Unfortunately the screen play wasn’t written well and his character could have had more depth.

When it comes to a movie related to human psychology, it just can’t be left off with the normal story. It has to be shown in more depth trying to relate to that particular character but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Direction was good and there were times when the scenes were gripping like the ones where they wait for call at 5 am or when farhaan is looking for a phone in shop confused and suddenly the phone in the shop rings, but overall it was pretty predictable story. Some of the dialogues were good and some funny.

Instead of showing more scenes with Farhaan and Deepika Romance scenes(simply no chemistry between them!), it could have been better if they had more concentrated on the actual plot.

Plot is pretty simple – Karthik is a lonely guy who is bullied by others. Be it his house owner or colleagues or boss and is not even noticed by another colleage(Deepika) on whom he has a huge crush. One day he gets a call from Karthik which changes his life forever. The caller Karthik helps him build self confidence and turn his life completely with his boss respecting him, his colleagues calling him Sir and Deepika finally noticing him. Till he listens to Caller Karthik, things go pretty well. But once he doesn’t listen to the caller, his life gets ruined. Finally who’s the caller and how he gets back his life is the crux of the story.

After seeing Anniyan itself, its pretty easy to predict what will happen in the end.

BGM was pretty good and I liked 2-3 songs.

My Verdict – Can see once but go with 0% expectation and just for time pass.

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