Sunday, June 6, 2010

55 Fiction!!

There is a contest in internal blog world and a few that i had put up there.

She was completely scared and shivering. She was all alone. She was drenched in sweat. She wanted to scream but no sound came from her mouth.
Suddenly she saw him. He had a gun in his hand. He was slowly approaching. He pointed the gun to shoot And
the TV screen went blank!
Power cut!

She entered the room happy and excited to tell her daughters she had finally got some money to give as dowry for their weddings.
We are a huge burden to you. Its better to die than being a humiliation to you. Sorry.
Suicide note left by her daughters.
Their Mother cried.

Who is to blame?

He couldn't control his car and before he realized he had rammed his car somewhere. He somehow got down his car and went behind car and saw two people lying, killed by his drunken driving.

He started crying and kneeled down there praying to God - Please forgive me. I will not drink and drive again.

Do or Die!!

He felt dizzy. He couldn’t hear anything that time but knew everyone were shouting. He knew he had to keep his cool. It was do or die moment.
He saw the guy running towards him,his eyes fully concentrated on his hand
then swung his bat around
its SIX.
India won the match!


She is lying in the bed. He looked at her with moist eyes. He knew she will never get up. She died of lung cancer.
No, He had killed her.
She had one last wish.
He took her hands in his and promised her - I’ll Quit Smoking from today!
Coincidentally it was World No-Tobacco Day.


She opened her eyes and finds herself not able to move.
She looks around slowly and realizes she is in the hospital room. Her sister is sitting next to her.
One look into her sister’s face and she knew it.
She closed her eyes and remembered his last words to her -
I Love You!

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