Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~`door ya paas - part 3`~

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2 -

She awoke with a start. She checked her watch and the time was around 5 pm. She turned and saw him also sleeping. Without realizing herself, she was admiring him. He slightly turned and she checked herself again! She was again acting stupidly! She looked down and saw that the mother was struggling to keep her daughter quiet and looked completely tired. She pitied her. She loved small kids. She got down and thought it was best to play with the daughter and let the mother get some sleep. In that way she will avoid him also!

She started playing with the daughter and was having fun. The 5 year old son also joined them and she felt like a small kid again. While playing by chance she looked up and saw him. He was enjoying watching them play! She blushed. She immediately turned and concentrated on the kid. She knew he was still watching them but she avoided looking up at all. Soon one station came. Balharshah. It is pretty famous for chai. She went to window seat to look for some chaiwala. She saw that he had got down in the station and was getting chai. When he saw that she was looking here and there, he signaled the chaiwala to go and give to her. She didn’t respond to his actions and didn’t look at him. She bought the chai wondering how he could know she was looking for chaiwala only. She somehow knew he was looking at her.

She wondered what to do. She was again surprised by herself. She had never found any difficulty talking to any one till now, even strangers, and here she was hesitant to talk to a guy! She was not able to muster courage to even say thank you to him. What was wrong with her?

She had always been amused by her friends and laughed at them, who used to behave childishly when they were near a guy whom they liked. She had always wondered how people could change when they are with someone they like. And now she was going exactly through such emotions!

Was this love or just an infatuation? After all she didn’t know anything about him!

Train again started. She looked out of the window hoping he had got into train. He wasn’t there. As she turned, she saw him outside the compartment. He was looking at her. Before she could make out what his look were saying, the kids started calling her to play again.

The day soon ended with her playing with kids and she saw him in his berth only the whole time.

Then the morning came and train arrived in Chennai Central.


He got up and looked at the watch. It was around 5.30 pm. He heard kid’s voices. He saw she was not there in her berth. He looked down and saw that she was playing with both the kids. She was good with them. He started enjoying watching them play when she looked up! Immediately she looked down and started playing, never looking up. He realized that he had actually been staring at her! Feeling guilty he got down from his berth when train entered station. He was all set to enjoy the chai of Balharshah!

He was buying chai when he saw she was looking out for someone or something. Guessing that she might also be looking for chaiwala, he told the chaiwala to go and give 1 chai to her. She bought the chai but didn’t make any gesture to him. He was surprised! He expected her to at least say thanks or smile for that matter but instead she completely ignored him.

He concluded that either she had no manners or she was too scared, though both of which he couldn’t agree himself. He wondered why she was behaving like this! He sipped his chai and was looking at her only when the train started moving. He got into the train and quickly went to his compartment to see if she was searching for him. He saw that she was looking outside the window and when she turned, he gave her a knowing look. Before she could respond, the kids started calling her to play.

He muttered to himself - “This is the reason why I don’t like kids travelling!” He wanted to see her reaction but everything was spoilt. She had resumed playing with the kids and didn’t look at him.

Feeling a bit sad, he got back to upper berth. She could still say no to the kids and see him and talk to him but she didn’t. He started pondering over what had happened and why he should feel sad. Now why was he bothered? If she had been least interested in him, she would have atleast looked at him!

Was this love or just an infatuation? After all he didn’t know anything about her!

He decided to ignore her just like she was ignoring him!

The day soon ended with him busy contemplating about his thinking’s and her playing with the kids whole time.

Then the morning came and train arrived in Chennai Central.


DISCLAIMER: The story is entirely fictional and any characters or events having any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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