Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~` door ya paas - part 4 `~

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2 and Part3 :


She got out of the train with all her luggages. She saw her parents waiting for her in the platform. The kids waved bye to her and she smiled and bid adieu to them. She turned back to see him getting out of the train, last from their bogie. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at him. She didn’t believe in destiny and knew this is it and both started walking on their own ways towards the exit.


He waited for everyone to get down from the bogie! It was the last station so there was no need of hurrying! He stood at the door and saw she was waving at those kids. His brother and sister were waiting for him in the platform. He was getting down when she turned and looked at him. He smiled at her. She smiled back at him. He knew that this is it as he didn’t believe in destiny and fate and both started walking on their own ways towards the exit.



She entered the station with her parents. 10 days passed soon. She had enjoyed herself thoroughly and now had to get back to her life in Delhi. She got into the platform and saw the train standing when suddenly his face came in front of her. She looked here and there and then realized she had imagined it. Her father called her. They went near her bogie.

She wondered if he would be there? She remembered his smile on that day when they came to Chennai.

She had forgotten about him in these 10 days but again was thinking about him. Fro some reason she hoped he would be there!

She got into her bogie and walked to her compartment. She arranged her luggages and sat in the window seat. Her parents bid adieu and they left.

She looked out of the window wondering - will he come?

She took out her ticket and saw - Berth 27,Upper Berth.

Grand Trunk Express

Time : 17:45 hours


He entered the station, practically running. He was late again. In a few minutes train will leave. His friends came running behind him with his luggages. He checked the platform number and ran to get into train

He was just in time to catch the train. His friends somehow pushed in all the luggages. He waved bye to them. He picked his luggages and started walking to his compartment, when he remembered her. Will she be there?

Past 10 days he had enjoyed with his family and friends. He had forgotten her. But now back in train, he only remembered her. He went near his compartment and heard kids voices. A big family was sitting. He felt angry as he didn’t want any kids in his compartment. He counted them and they were 4. One more place.

He arranged his luggages and got into his berth. He saw a handbag in upper berth, opposite to his.

Would she be here?

He took out his ticket and saw - Berth 30,Upper Berth.

Tamil Nadu Express

Time : 22:00 hours


Do you believe in destiny? Whether they meet or not in delhi depends on that right?

Please pour in your comments and feedbacks.

Based on that only I’ll decide if the story should continue or not!


P.S - DISCLAIMER: The story is entirely fictional and any characters or events having any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


DiDo said...

i loved it :)....y dint u continue it?? wud love to knw wot happened nexttt...

soundarya said...

hi DiDo :)

Welcome to my dreamland :D i said..its destiny ;)

if you believe in it..then they..i have left the ending to reader's choice..continuing this will take off the essence :)

thanks for liking it :)