Saturday, July 17, 2010

~`Door ya Paas`~

After many days am back to writing stories(or rather attempt in writing stories ;) ). This story is going to be series and based on the comments i recieve i might change the ending that i have planned for this. Do give in your feedbacks and comments for me to improve.


The train started moving. She looked out of the window worried. Where was he? The train has started and he’s nowhere in sight. Why did he have to get down now only? She kept questioning herself in her mind. The train left the station and he hadn’t come yet. She hoped he was standing near the door. Slightly worried she came out of the compartment towards the door. There was no one. She immediately went to the other door of the bogie to check. He was not there also. Now she was angry and worried too. She felt like crying. She felt helpless. Not knowing what to do, she turned back to go to her compartment when she saw him coming from the other side. The moment she saw him, she felt like shouting. She wanted to go and hug him. He looked at her and smiled. She blushed and turned the other way. She felt like crying more. She entered the restroom and started crying.

After 5 minutes or so she washed her face to make sure no one knew she was crying and came out. He was standing near the door. The moment he saw her, he looked at her questioningly.

She ignored him and started walking beyond him when he called out to her - “Hey, Are you ok?”

She looked back at him and simply nodded.

Before she could turn back, he said - “The train started moving so I got into the other bogie”.

He was giving an explanation without her asking him anything. She looked at him questioningly, her eyes telling him that she never asked him. He looked a bit perplexed and started saying something but then she turned and went back to her place.

She climbed to upper birth and lied down with a book in her hand. After a few minutes, she could hear him climbing onto the upper birth opposite to her. Though the book was open but her mind was fully occupied. How did he know she was looking for him? Why did he try to justify himself to her? Why was she worried for him?

After all they both were strangers.

Completely confused she closed her eyes and thought about yesterday.


He looked at her to see her lying in her berth, her back facing him. She had a book in her hand but he was sure she wasn’t reading it. He kept asking himself - Why didn’t she say anything? He knew that she was looking for him. Why was she ignoring him?

Before he could come near his bogie, the train had started and so he got into the nearest bogie he could get into. He came as soon as possible to his bogie. He went near his compartment when he saw her. The moment he saw her, he could see a sense of relief in her eyes. He felt like she was about to cry too. Before he could think, she turned and went into restroom. He went near the door and waited. The moment she came out he wanted to ask her what happened. He was sure she was worried for him. But then why?

The door opened and she came out, she had washed her face. He was sure she was crying.

He asked - “Hey, are you ok?” She just nodded.

He didn’t know why but before he realized himself, he blurted out - “The train started moving so I got into the other bogie”.

She looked at him quizzing as if she cared. Before he could say anything, she went to their compartment. He was confused. Why did he have to give an explanation? Why was she crying? She didn’t seem to have any problem. Was it for him only?

He went back to compartment and saw her already in her berth. His berth was just opposite to hers. He climbed on it. He wondered - Why was he bothered for her?

After all they were strangers!

Completely confused He closed his eyes and thought about yesterday.


DISCLAIMER: The story is entirely fictional and any characters or events having any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


Rajlakshmi said...

story ko aadhe mei chorna is bad for the health of readers... now i am full with questions of kiya hua kaise hua... plzzz second part likhna :)

soundarya said...

raji,..internal mein likh diya :) ..check kar..3rd part in on the way! :D