Friday, December 31, 2010

Light of Dawn!!!

Meena got up from the bed and looked at herself. She saw a stranger staring back at her.

For a past few days she had been feeling like this. Things were not the same now. Her life had been sort of perfect. A lovely childhood filled with happiness, cool teen years and now the time when she earns and can live like a Queen - she had no regrets. She was always surrounded by her friends, her colleagues at work place liked her, her family adored her. She was the apple of everyone's eye.

But then when she thought her life was perfect, everything went wrong.A fight with 2 of her friends left her upset. A small setback in the work place was creating tension. Her family was expecting her to spend more time with them.

She couldn't stand this. Her life was not perfect.

The ever bubbly girl who could make anyone laugh at the drop of a hat was shying away to meet anyone. She feared this getting worse. This made her depressed more. She felt very lonely.There would be a smile on her face every morning when she gets up and looks at the mirror. But now it was like she had forgotten to smile. She felt like running away somewhere.

Things were going badly like this and she dreaded as tomorrow was 1st Jan. She had this notion that the 1st day of the year should always be happy else the rest of the year also goes bad.

She looked at her phone - 15 miss calls!It was her sister. The last person she wanted to speak to right now was her sister, because they always ended up fighting.

She looked at the time - 9.30 AM. She sighed. It was going to be a boring weekend at home but at the same time she was afraid to go out and meet anyone.

She was contemplating on what she should do when the door bell rang.

It was her Sister!

She was expecting an outburst from her sister but instead her sister smiled at her and told her to come with her for shopping. Meena tried to say no but her sister was very stubborn.

They were on the way to shopping mall when her sister stopped the car in corner of a very busy road. She looked at her sister questioningly.

Her sister smiled and asked her to look around at the people and observe.

Thinking her sister to be crazy she looked around and saw different kinds of people.

Vendors at road side,who were trying to sell various things. Beggars who looked malnutritioned, a few didn't have some body parts. People rushing here and other, some happy faces and some sad faces. It was all a mixed crowd. She had a look around and turned to her sister again.

Her sister asked if she had any problems in life. Meena got upset and told her that she didn't want to talk about it. Her sister looked at her hard and asked her to compare her life to anyone in the crowd in this busy road and tell if she had any problems. She looked around again and wondered.

She had a nice and comfortable place to live. She didn't have to stand in the sun to toil hard. She was perfectly healthy. She didn't have to bother rushing around, trying to walk with the crowd. She had a very good life compared to everyone.

Her sister knowing what she was thinking asked her - "Why are you unhappy then? Why are you depressed and avoiding everyone? Just because she had a fight with a friend or faced a small problem in office doesn't mean you have all the problems of life. Life can never be perfect but it can never be bad. We need to work it out and enjoy all the moments, instead of cribbing over it."

Meena realized her fault for always expecting perfect things and avoiding any kind of obstacles in life. She realized that her life was so good.

She looked at her sister with a smile, thanking her and started chalking out plans to spend the new year eve.

She was ready to look at the positive things of life at the light of Dawn! :D

P.S - It all depends on how we look at our life. Be Happy. Keep smiling :)

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