Monday, December 27, 2010

Obsessive Repercussion - Part 3

Continuation from Part 1 and Part 2 -
Both of them looked at each other scared knowing anything like this will hamper her life…
She knew that just the word “love” in her house itself a taboo. And she was not at all interested in Arjun. She respected him as he was Archana’s brother.

The next few days were nightmare for Preethi as Arjun started following her everywhere. She ignored him completely but still he would try to talk to her after the college in the evening. She tried to talk to him once to leave her alone but he didn’t heed her. He kept giving her small gifts and telling her he loved her.

Soon the words reached her parents that she was seeing a guy. All hell broke loose in her house and her parents questioned her a lot. They stopped her from going to college despite her plea of innocence. Archana knowing the whole truth tried to convince Preethi’s parents but she was asked to leave Preethi alone.

Preethi’s parents stopped her studies and soon arranged for her wedding. Preethi got very upset as she didn’t do anything wrong. She wanted to get in touch with Archana, whom she knew could help her out of this mess.

On the other side, Archana didn’t what to do. She couldn’t think of anything which could help her friend. Her brother was suddenly a stranger to her and she realized that he would go to any length to get Preethi in his life. She was dead scared of him now.
Arjun, on hearing about Preethi’s wedding started acting like a madman. He was crazy about her and had never hid his emotions from anyone. He knew he had to somehow stop Preethi’s wedding as she was only hers.

Soon that day came – Preethi’s wedding.

She got dressed up in her bridal costume, totally given up on life. Her wish of living her own life freely for the 3 years of college had been shunned thanks to a guy called Arjun. He had simply come in her life and spelled doom!

She didn’t know the person to whom she was getting married to. She simply didn’t care. She wished she could die right now but taking her own life was not the solution. She made herself strong mentally and was ready to face the lifeless life ahead of her.

As she was walking down the stairs to the stage, suddenly there was a commotion in front of her. A few men had entered the wedding venue and were creating havoc. Suddenly Arjun came in front of her and took her hand. She tried to resist him and it angered him a lot. He pulled in towards her and shouted “I Love You, Come with me”. She tried to get out of his hold. Seeing her struggle, he suddenly left her.

He looked at her and asked – “Do you love me?”

She stared at him shocked and was too scared to reply.

He again asked her, this time very harshly.

She tried to speak but no words came out of her mouth in fear. She vigorously shook her head.
Suddenly he took out something from his hand and threw at her and ran off. Next instant her facing was burning like anything. She realized it was acid. Arjun had thrown acid on her face as she won’t reciprocate his love for her. She completely blanked out.

She woke up startled. She found herself in hospital room. For a second she couldn’t understand anything and then it dawned to her. She touched her face and screamed. Her whole face was burned. Her life was now more than hell.

Archana was waiting outside Preethi’s room in the hospital. She was completely shaken. She never realized that her brother would do such a thing. Preethi’s parents had abandoned her in the hospital as now she bought only disgrace to their family. For them she was dead. Archana never thought such a day would come in her life.

Doctor had told her that Preethi was unconscious. Once she woke up, it would be tough to deal with Preethi as she might become violent. Suddenly she heard a scream.

She rushed inside Preethi’s room to see her crying uncontrollably. Seeing Archana, Preethi clunged to her for support. Both the friends kept crying. Archana tried to convince Preethi that everything would be well despite knowing that everything is over.

Suddenly Preethi smiled at her and asked if she would do a favor for her. Archana nodded her head.
Preethi, in a strange tone, told her that she wanted a mirror and a knife.
Archana realized what Preethi was going to do but she didn’t know what else to say.
She got her those things and left Preethi looking in those eyes for the last time.
Preethi was found dead in her hospital room on the day when her wedding was supposed to take place.

Present Day –

Archana looked at the smiling Preethi’s face again. Tomorrow was her wedding date. Last year it was Preethi’s which turned out to be her death day.

Considering what had happened in the last one year, her wedding day could also become her death day only if…

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