Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obsessive Repercussion - Part 4

Continuation from Part 1 ,Part 2 and Part 3.
Considering what had happened in the last one year, her wedding day could also become her death day only if…
Closing her eyes she remembered how she ended up in this situation now.

Archana’s father knew enough contacts and he ensured his son didn’t get mixed up in police case after Preethi’s incident. Her death was termed as suicide with the reason being given – she was not happy with the wedding. Her image was tarnished in public even after her death and Arjun’s name never got surfaced.

Archana knew that her life would never be the same after this, but still she had to live.
Her parents stopped her also from going to college after what had happened. Her brother went away for a few months but again came back. This time he was the same Arjun she had known since childhood. Even though she spoke to him as she used to, she knew that she could never forgive him for what he did to her best friend. Despite Arjun being her brother, she knew that no fault lied with Preethi. She could understand Preethi’s situation as they both were in similar situation. As girls, they were never supposed to fall in love with anyone, which would mean disgracing their family. They were not allowed to dream and live their life. But now with her brother’s return, she was allowed to go to college. But it wasn’t same anymore.

Life was just passing by and she didn’t know what will happen to her.

Nine months passed and then one fine day, during college time, there was a huge parcel in her seat with her name on it. Surprised she opened it to see a gift and a card inside it. The card read –
“I Love you Archana”.

A chill ran through her spine. There was no name in the card. She quickly took the box and left college. She got scared. She realized that someone was stalking her. She quickly reached home and burnt the gift and card.

When her brother came home, he realized something was wrong with her but she lied to him.
A few days passed and again a card arrived. She didn’t know what to do. There was no name and she had no idea who the person was. She closed her eyes and she saw Preethi. She shuddered. She got scared now. She didn’t want the past to repeat. She decided to keep this a secret and not let her family know about it. Else they would again stop her from going to college.
Daily she started getting a card and gift.

Soon her brother got to know about it. He got furious and questioned her. She told him she didn’t know anything but he didn’t believe her. She showed him the gift and cards and tried to prove her innocence.

The gifts and cards infuriated him and soon he along with his friends found that guy. They threatened him with dire constraints if he tried to get in touch with Archana. Archana’s parents got to know the whole thing and they stopped Archana from going anywhere.

The guy who was following Archana turned out to be minister’s son. News spread across. The minister got so upset that his son had been threatened that he ordered his men to pick up Arjun. Arjun was beaten up and put behind bars with false charges under his name.

This shook Archana’s family but they were helpless. No one was ready to help them to save their son as Minister was directly involved. Her parents were very upset and blamed her for their son’s misfortune. If she had not insisted on going to college, none of this would have happened and Arjun would be at home happy. Archana became very depressed hearing all this as she knew she didn’t want any of this.

Minister’s son was completely smitten by Archana and wanted her. He approached Archana’s parents and told him about his intention of marrying Archana. Her parents were surprised and scared. He told them he will release Arjun also on the same day when his wedding is fixed to Archana.

Archana’s parents had no other go but to agree to this wedding. They knew that if they said no, their whole family’s honor would go as Minister could harm them. They had to get their son out of jail also.

The wedding date was fixed which coincided with Preethi’s death date!

Present Day -

Archana slept off thinking about the past and wondering what tomorrow was in store for her.
Archana got up to see the morning sun shining brightly out of the window, brushing past her face. Today, it’s her wedding to a person who is the reason behind her brother being in jail and her parents hating her.

She got dressed up as a bride, as she heard the wedding laughter’s downstairs. She knew that she had to get married to save her brother. She looked again at the album. She saw Preethi’s smiling face and knew that her family was facing the consequence of what had happened to Preethi. Her brother deserved it but why her? What wrong she had done to go through all this?
She heard her name being called. It was time.

She looked again at Preethi’s photo and started to walk out of the door to lead a lifeless life.


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