Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obsessive Repercussion - Part 1

She looked at herself in the mirror. She was scared but didn't know what to do. Tomorrow is her wedding. Wedding she was not at all interested in, but knew she had no other choice. After everything that had happened. It was the only way to escape from the "hell" she was living in but she knew she won't be happy. She turned and sat in the chair. She looked around the room and saw the album kept on the table - one of her prized possessions. All those people in her life were captured in photos and were in that album. She took the album and opened it.

Her parents were smiling and looking back at her from the photo. She wondered what would be going in their mind concerning tomorrow. For them she had always been a "burden" just like any other family thought a girl child to be burden in their society! They just wanted to see her married and their duty would be over. She wanted to study more. She had completed her Graduation recently. It was a custom in her family to get the girl married at a young age. Her parents had agreed to her studying Post Graduation provided she agreed to marry whenever they wished! All her dreams were shattered. All because of a thing which guys claim as - Love.

In the next picture, her brother was smiling at her. She wondered how he was. Without him, her wedding was about to take place! But then this tense situation was also because of him. He was in jail right now - for something he didn't do but then he deserved to be in jail for something he had done one year ago, from which he had escaped!

She turned the page and saw her and Preethi's photo - Preethi, her best friend. The only person with whom she had shared all those dreams that she knew would never be filled in this birth. Both of them sailed in the same boat! Born in families that saw Women as an Object, who should live for others and not for themselves, they shared all their desires and hopes of a better life which they also knew was not possible!

She didn't know whether to say it as a co-incidence or destiny, but exactly one year before Preethi had died.

She closed her eyes. She couldn't control herself now. She started crying.

She knew that tomorrow could be her death day too if...


This is a long story that i have started writibng after reading/hearing various incidents. This is a complete work of fiction.

As always do let me know how you like this. Another Experiment ;)

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