Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obsessive Repercussion - Part 2

Continuation from Part - 1


She knew that tomorrow could be her death day too if...

If what happened to Preethi one year ago, happened tomorrow!!
Preethi...she shuddered as she remember her face, corpse, And what happened to her, thanks to her brother!

Flashback - 3 years back!

Preethi was getting ready to go to college! Her 1 st day in college. She was happy!
Her parents had finally agreed to let her study tillthey get a suitable match for her.
That was the deal she could from them - Study till her wedding is fixed.
She sincerely hoped that the guy they chose for her should let her complete her graduation.
She knew that was the max she could wish for in this life.
She was born to become a dutiful daughter,dutiful wife, dutiful daughter-in-law and
dutiful Mother in her lifetime. She could not expect to achieve anything else!
She started for college with the intent to enjoy her life for herself as much as possible in those 3 years!

As the days passed, she met many girls who were in the same plight as her! One girl, Archana soon became her closest friend. Both shared their dreams and sorrows and gave each other the courage and encouragement as and when it was needed. They used to envy those girls who had more freedom and wished their destiny would change soon.

But little did they know what destiny had in store for them!

Soon first semester was getting over and one could feel the tense atmosphere in college. But at home it was completely different, who didn't think exams were of any importance for these girls. Both Preethi and Archana decided to have group study so that on one side they could study and another side they can escape from the work at home.
Unless they got good marks in exams, they couldn't prove their point to anyone.

They chalked out a plan to visit each other's house alternate days to study.

The 1st day Preethi went to Archana's house. As soon she entered the house, she saw him. She immediately knew that he must be Archana's brother Arjun, about whom Archana has told a lot. Archana practically worshipped her brother. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and then Archana came and they went into Archana's room to study.

She didn't know that smile was to change her whole life...

Whenever she went to Archana's house, she would see him. The way he looked at her made her uncomfortable but she didn't say anything. The Group study went as planned and soon the exams got over. She dreaded the 10 days semester holidays as she would be forced to be inside her house. She enjoyed going to college to live her life.

Soon the 10 days got over and she was very happy to go back to college but her happiness was shortlived.

From the day her 2nd semester started she felt very uneasy. Not during the college time but outside. She had this feeling that someone was watching her constantly. She told Archana about it but initially Archana didn't take it seriously.

It was her birthday and she was on her way to college, when she saw him(Arjun) again. He was standing along with his friends. As soon as he saw her, he came to her smiling. She felt uneasy but still as he was her best friend's brother she stopped.

Arjun said smiling- "Happy Birthday"

Preethi meekly replied - "thanks"

She was about to walk again when he stopped her. The look in his eyes scared her.

He took out a gift and gave it to her. She didn't know what to do. She looked here and there scared that someone might see. He didn't seem bothered about anything. Suddenly he thrust the gift in her hand and walked off.

She looked perplexed. No one has ever given a gift. She heard someone calling her name. She turned and saw Archana approaching her.

Archana asked - "Preethi, that was my brother right?"

Preethi kept staring at the gift.

Archana looked at the gift and at Preethi and then in the direction her brother left. He had left with his friends.

Both the friends started walking towards college in their own thoughts confused. As soon as the class got over, Archana took Preethi to their normal hanging place and asked her to open the gift. Preethi was not happy at all despite her birthday. She was scared.

Preethi slowly opened the gift. It was a doll and along with that a piece of paper where "I Love You" was written. Preethi looked pleadingly to Archana as if she didn't know anything.

Archana understood her feelings. She was also scared. She was equally shocked. She had never expected her brother to do such a thing and moreover with her best friend.

Both of them looked at each other scared knowing anything like this will hamper their life...


There were many of you who felt that 1st part itself was a complete story. Thanks for pointing that out. I never saw it that way :D

The whole intention of this story was something else which you will soon see in the following parts.

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thats a nice twist in the twist... loved the suspense... waiting for more